Hello lovely!

Welcome to Silvana Tedesco Couture – I’m so glad you found me!

Are you dreaming of a custom-made gown for your wedding or special event (excellent choice by the way)? I’d love to work with you to create a unique piece that has your friends and fam-bam awestruck and talking for years about how perfectly “you” you were on your special day.

It’s an intimate (and rewarding) experience working with a designer, so you’ll want to know a bit about me if we’re going to be spending time together bringing your Vision to life.

I love creating more than anything in the world (apart from my pug, Tango. He is EVERYTHING).

Growing up as a curvy girl, I found it hard to find beautiful things to wear. As a creative spirit, not being able to clothe myself in gorgeousness was a problem for me. So I decided I would design my own clothes to make myself feel beautiful. This lead to my realisation that I could design clothes to help other women feel beautiful too.

I’m a tough chick, but I cry at work on the regular. Why? Because every time a client drapes herself in a gown that she’s put her soul into, that’s been lovingly designed and stitched and handcrafted to be the material manifestation of HER, I get to be the one who witnesses her first sight of her true beauty.

What an honour and a privilege.

There’s no feeling like what I get after a client’s reaction the first time she sees herself in The Gown. You’ve trusted me with your vision. Or you’ve trusted me to create a vision for you. It makes me so happy to watch your joy when you meet your piece for the first time.

I design without rules and boundaries, so you’re free to experience the joy of couture with me. You can have as much or as little involvement in the design process as you like. I adore clients who give me a clear vision and aesthetic for their wedding and their dress, and then entrust me with the creative freedom to deliver the perfect bespoke design. I also love to collaborate with you to create the dream dress for your unique shape and individual style.

I’m here to make this part of your wedding or event prep joyful, fun and exciting. I know there can be a lot of stress and emotion in the lead up to your big day, so you won’t find any fussiness or uptight people in my boutique and studio. My team and I are having the time of our lives making your gown – we’ll be dancing to hip hop and Latin beats to match the passion we’re pouring into the detail of your dress.

Because I’m mad about detail. Fabric, material, cut, colour, fit and finish – all will be perfect for you. I trained in my craft from the age of 16 in one of the most well-known bridal houses in Melbourne. I’ve been fortunate enough to have dressed amazing women for the Red Carpet and had my work featured in magazines and media over my ten years in the Australian fashion industry. I give my all to every piece I produce, and to every client I have the pleasure of working with.

So if you’re ready to step out, push some boundaries and show the world your unique edge – we should definitely meet.

ST xxx